If you are a theologian you truly pray. If you truly pray you are a theologian“, so wrote Evagrius of Ponutus, a fourth century Orthodox monk.

The Orthodox Church strongly encourages every Christian to keep a daily ‘Rule of Prayer’. It is only through prayer that great things are accomplished in the Church and in the lives of Christians. It is only through prayer that those who were sinners are able to become saints. Prayer is the weapon of Christian warfare.

During the two thousand year history of the Orthodox Church, many prayers have been penned by saints which Christians have found helpful in their own prayer lives. On this site we will make available prayers that have been used throughout the centuries.

At the beginning of our list are Morning Prayerse and Evening Prayers, a selection of prayers useful for a Christian’s Daily Rule of Prayer.

We will continue to add other prayers for general and specific use in the future.

May God bless you in your labour of prayer.